Intelligence and Security Seminar

intel seminarUpon the initiative of The Wing Commander, Brigadier General Raymundo T. Francisco AFP (Res), another auspicious event unfolded last March 11, 2017 at the 1st ARCEN, Villamor Airbase, Pasay City.  For the benefit of our reservist officers and members, as part of the command’s continuous educational program, the very first seminar of the year was conducted entitled,  “Intelligence and Security Indoctrination Seminar”.

Our Lecturer was no other than Col. Recto Makinika PAF (Ret) from the 300th Air Intelligence Security Group – the primary intelligence unit of the PAF.  He is an Intelligence Officer of the PAF, whose experience dates back from the Marcos years until his retirement last year.  It goes without saying that truly, his contribution is invaluable. He was ably assisted by Lt. May Soberano. His first hand knowledge enabled him to explain the Intelligence psyche in the context of actual experiences which made its understanding much easier to comprehend by the reservists present.

A record number of almost 100 attendees , 97 to be exact, graced the occasion, which filled up the 1st ARCEN facility to its brim.  This unexpected turn out augurs well for more seminar programs of this kind, with emphasis on capability enhancement and operational readiness.  Hopefully, this may be done on a monthly basis.  We are truly grateful to the Wing and Staff for making this event a very successful one. (LTC R Araneta)


Wing Commander Gets Star Rank

1st Air Force Wing Commander, former COL RAYMUNDO T FRANCISCO, has been promoted to General Officer rank. He is now BRIG GEN FRANCISCO, Wing Commander, 1st AFWR PAF.

Gen. Francisco is a lawyer by profession. He obtained his law degree from the Ateneo de Manila University in 1976, and added an MBA to his credentials from the AdMU in 1982. He is currently a private law practitioner with offices at Ortigas Center in Pasig City.

GENERAL FRANCISCO was commissioned into the Air Force Reserve in March 1991. As an officer, he has commanded the 2nd Air Force Group under the Air Reserve Command from the time he was commissioned until 1992. In 1996, he was assigned to the 1st Air Reserve Wing as Director for Intelligence (W2), and starting in 2001 was assigned as Deputy Wing Commander.

He has been with the unit serving in various capacities including being Wing Inspector and Judge Advocate. When the 1st ARW became the 1st Air Force Wing Reserve in 2010, he started serving as Deputy Wing Commander for the brigade-size unit covering Metro Manila.

He was appointed as Wing Commander in March 2015 to replace BRIG GEN ELIHU A YBANEZ AFP and has been the unit’s commander for almost two years.

General Francisco is also a radio enthusiast and is an active member of Citizens Traffic Action, a volunteer communication group that assists government traffic and transport oriented agencies especially during emergencies.

1st AFWR receives major awards during 37th National Reservist Week


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COL RAYMUNDO T FRANCISCO, Wing Commander, 1st AFWR (4th from left of front line) salutes with other awardees in front of GHQ Grandstand during awarding ceremonies for the 37th National Reservist Week celebration, 17 Sep 2016. The Wing Commander received the AFP Reserve Unit of the Year award, Brigade/Wing Level, on behalf of the unit. Other 1AWFR staff in the line include LTC EULALIO C DIAZ III, Group Commander, 11AFGR (5th from left), who received the AFP Reserve Unit of the Year Group/Battalion Level on behalf of his unit, and SSgt Henry Pagauitan (3rd from left), AFP Enlisted Reservist of the Year. (Photo from official AFP Facebook page.)

Initial Training

Reserve officers and enlisted men of the 1st AFWR, and of any AFP reserve unit for that matter, are the products of training programs that start with their initial military training and continues on to professional military education (PME) courses and specialization courses with the unit, its mother command, or other military training units within and even outside the AFP.

Officers are mostly graduates of the ROTC in college or have gone through the military academy and served an obligatory period in active duty, or taken other qualifying courses including Officer Candidate School or graduated from the PAF Flying School, the PAF Regular Officer Procurement Program, or the Master of National Security Administration course at the National Defense College of the Philippines. Others are graduates of the AFP Probationary Officer Course given in each of the major services for advanced ROTC graduates.

1st AFWR reservists train in house clearing tactics during CQB orientation at Clark Air Base.

1st AFWR reservists train in house clearing tactics during CQB orientation at Clark Air Base.

BCMT may also qualify a college degree holder for officer commissionship if he does not have other military training background. Regular enlisted or NCO ranks may also qualify for reserve commission using their basic training qualification.

Enlisted personnel may also have come from the training programs mentioned above, but because of a lack of a college degree may not have qualified for officership and so have opted to enlist. Those with no ROTC or basic training may undergo BCMT (Basic Citizens Military Training) as their initial mil training, or MOT (Military Orientation Program) in the case of affiliated reserve personnel.

1st AFWR does not handle initial training, and this is the prerogative of the major command, which is Air Force Reserve Command (AFRC) in the Air Force. Therefore, any inquiries about BCMT and MOT should be directed to 1st Air Reserve Center at VAB in the case of the NCR. Other regional areas will also have an ARCEN within the jurisdiction. Please inquire with the nearest PAF airbase in your area or the nearest ROTC office.

1st ARCEN can be reached through the Villamor Airbase trunkline, 854-6701 t0 22.